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Nicole Luttner to take the lead as General Manager at AGS

Ceramic PartsJanuary 12, 2015 — Aggressive Grinding Service, Inc. announces the promotion of Nicole Luttner to General Manager. Nicole will be responsible for the company’s ongoing daily business operations.

Nicole’s background includes a Bachelor of Science degree in Health Policy and Administration from The Pennsylvania State University and a Master’s of Business Administration degree from Seton Hill University.

Nicole has over fifteen years experience in the human resource field. Having been with AGS for 10 years, Nicole has fulfilled a number of roles during that time including production support, human resource management and administrative support to Lester Sutton, founder and president.

“It is my belief that Nicole has stepped into this position by having taken the lead in nearly every project she has been placed on. Her ability to communicate, direct and work with everyone on our team allows us to accomplish our goals and vision while maintaining a personal yet professional touch. I hope our customers and suppliers will welcome Nicole.” - Lester Sutton.

“It is an honor to take on this opportunity; it is a privilege to work with the exceptional team at AGS. I also look forward to working with our customers and suppliers in this capacity.” - Nicole Luttner.

At Aggressive Grinding Service, Inc. our employees are the foundation of our organization and our most important asset. Through their hard work and effort we are able to provide our valued customers the highest quality that they expect and deserve. Our goal is to operate our company successfully with the highest ethical standards and to conduct business with integrity and honesty.

Additional Machine Capacity

2015 — Additional Equipment:

  • Four new Okamoto Surface Grinders
  • Three new Transor filtration systems
  • Zeiss Surfcom NEX 030-13N Contracer
  • Two Okuma GI-20 CNC ID Grinders

October 2014 — Four new Kellenberger Kel-Vista CNC grinders were installed at AGS. This bring the total capacity of that department to 10 machines. Additionally, three new Super-Tec STC-1808 centerless grinders were added into production.

September 10, 2014 — Four new Rollomatic np5 Shapesmart peel grinders were delivered to Aggressive Grinding Service, Inc. to complement the six Rollomatics already in service. These machines are devoted to rotary tool production in the grinding of carbide blanks for end mills, drills and taps. These modern CNC machines combine roughing and finishing operations in one pass and can hold tolerances of ±0.0001” on diameters as large as 0.787” over a length of 12”.

June 16th, 2014 — Three new Tru Tech Revolution T93X 3-axis CNC perimetric profile grinders have added flexibility and capacity to AGS. These heavy duty machines have improved runout capability and have added size capacity and flexibility to production. We remove 0.100” stock per minute on diameters of 0.875” to 1” and can hold a tolerance of 0.000050”. Cycle times have been reduced 50%.

Volunteers participate in United Way's "Day of Caring"

September 12, 2013 — Three AGS employees provided eighteen hours of labor in support of “The United Way Day of Caring”. Fred Stynchula, Dave Zoppetti and Jim Cravens helped paint the interior and exterior of the Lincoln Highway Roadside Museum and sanded tables in preparation for refinishing.

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