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ID Grinding

Our ID Grinding capabilities consist of:

  • 6 Okuma GI-20N CNC grinders that enable accurate ID work on a broad range of part sizes. These machines hold tight tolerances of 0.0001” and deliver higher speeds and feed rates to get your job done better and faster.
  • 4 Usach CNC 4-spindle, 5-axis grinders for IDs from 0.062" to 8" & tolerance of 0.0001". The advantage of 4 spindles is it allows for multiple operations to be completed in one set-up and cycle.
  • 2 Usach CNC ID grinders with capabilities from 6-20" IDs with a tolerance of 0.0001"
  • 2 Overbeck CNC grinders & 1 manual machine for IDs from 0.375" to 15" and tolerances of 0.0002"
  • Our CNC ID machines have the ability to grind compound angles, counterbores & radii with low Ra surface finish.
  • MasterCAM® software assists the Okuma and Usach grinders by providing quick and accurate programming capabilities.